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Bridge Run running technique "Chi Running"

We have about three weeks left until the Cooper River Bridge Run.  We wanted to briefly talk about a unique running style called "Chi Running." In 2004, Danny Dreyer wrote Chi Running: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running. He outlines a running form and posture to prevent injury and provide energy efficiency. Based on the physics of body mechanics and some of the teachings of Tai Chi he recommends the following:

1) Run Tall- Stand straight without slumping your shoulders or bending at the waist.
2) Lean Forward- A slight forward lean from the ankles while keeping your spine straight.
3) Land on the Mid-Foot- Land with a mid-foot strike when you run while allowing your feet to land underneath or slightly behind you.
4) Run from Your Core- Keep your pelvis level by engaging your lower abdominal muscles throughout the run.
5) RELAX- Keep all your muscles as relaxed as possible and let your forward lean propel you.

It is possible to change your running technique, but it takes time to break inefficient habits. I have personally switched to the Chi Running techniques for the past five years and I have eliminated many of the nagging injuries I have been dealing with for years. If you suffer from flat feet and if your are having chronic foot pain this may be a nice running style for you. Adopting a shorter stride almost a really fast walk along with the other previously described 5 techniques can help along with a custom sports orthotic and anti-pronation running shoe.

Good luck with your training and CFS look forward to seeing you on the Bridge!