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Crossfit foot injury prevention

Tips to Prevent CrossFit Related Foot & Ankle Injuries

1) Don’t do too much too soon.

CrossFit challenges you to push yourself, but overdoing a routine is a sure way to end up with an injury.

2) Work out with a qualified trainer.

It is important to choose a trainer who is properly qualified to oversee your workout and can make sure you’re not putting yourself at risk for injuries.

3) Be a fanatic about form.

This is especially important for beginners. By focusing on maintaining the right form from the outset, you’ll be less likely to suffer injury as you increase your load or intensity.

4) Choose the right shoe.

Finding the right athletic shoe for CrossFit is of the utmost importance. Look for a cross-training type shoe that is stiff at the heel, provides proper arch support, and has a non-slip sole.

5) Have your feet evaluated by a Sports Podiatrist

You may have issues with your foot and not even be aware of it. It is not normal to have foot pain longer than 5 days. A Sports Podiatrist can give you a clear picture of how healthy your feet are, what type of athletic shoes are best for you, or what adjustments you might need to make in your CrossFit routine before you even hit the gym.

If you’ve experienced a foot or ankle injury, or if you want to make sure your feet are ready to take on the unique challenges of a CrossFit workout, schedule an appointment with Dr. Brown or Dr. Saffer. For more information on sport foot injuries please refer to our website and blogs at : carolinafootspecialists.net