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Evaluation for Barefoot running

Dr. Brown and Dr. Saffer have observed that runners who are more experienced in distant running, younger, of normal body weight are much more likely to tolerate barefoot running than those who are just starting out with running, older, and heavier. At this point there is insufficient evidence of what foot type is best suited for barefoot running. As the years go on and more studies are produced a clearer picture will be evident.

Currently no barefoot runners hold world records in any track events or long distance running. Many elite runners don't want to increase their risk of injury by running barefoot. Many elite runners wear thinner soled shoes/minimalists shoes to run their races.

The barefoot running debate has forced foot and ankle specialists to rethink what is good and bad for runners. New studies will shed light on the controversy of barefoot running as the years go on.

Look out for future blogs on barefoot running, minimalist shoes, and training for the upcoming bridge run.