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Fungal toenail treatment

Onychomycosis (Fungal toenails) is a common complaint that we see in our practice. There are many ways to contract this condition. Pedicures, trauma to the toenails, and feet that constantly sweat are the more common causes. We offer many conservative treatment options for fungal infected toenails. In our practice we are able to diagnose this condition either through a biopsy of the toenails and/or clinical evaluation.

The toenails typically will have a yellow, thick appearance that makes it difficult to trim. This condition can progress at a fast pace if not diagnosed and treated promptly. We offer conservative treatment such as professional nail debridment, filing, topical antifungal treatment, and for certain more advanced cases oral Lamisl three month course. Our practice is investigating new state of the art options such as laser treatment for fungal infected toenails.

If you feel like you may have a fungal infection of your toenails please contact our office at carolinafootspecialists.net