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Last minute training tips for the bridge Run 2015

-Stay hydrated Stick to water unless it’s pretty warm and/or you will be sweating a lot, then mix in some Gatorade or electrolyte fluid. This weekend’s race should be cool in the mid to upper 50s.

-Don’t try to get in a last minute workout or go out and run crazy fast today or tomorrow hoping to improve your race time. You will only make yourself sore and put yourself at risk for injury. If you want to improve your 5k or 10k time..you need to start at least a month ahead of time. You will not get any faster the last week of the race. Lay off heavy weight training the day before the race and maybe 2 days before if you aren’t used to it.

-Eat good Eat “clean” foods and limit sugar, fiber and sodium the night before and morning of the race to avoid an upset stomach. Just eat what you normally do, as long as it’s healthy. The morning of the race, eat something easy to digest like low-fiber cereal or a banana. You don’t need crazy amounts of carbs the night before or energy gels during the race until you start running races that last you around 1.5 hours.

-Wear layers if it’s cold. This weekend it will be pretty cool, but after the first mile or so you will warm up. We recommend wearing a light jacket or thin long-sleeve top over my tank and then take it off and tie it around my waist if I have to.

-Warmup first.  For this 10k race you definitely want to get your legs warm first. Walk or jog (or combo) for about 10-15min and then do some light stretches AFTER you warmup.

-Pace yourself. If you have never run the bridge run then take it slow at first. It will be crowded at the starting line and for at least the first mile. Go slower at the beginning and gradually pick up your pace each mile. Take a our recent blog on tips on running up hill to help get your through the steep incline of the Bridge.

Good luck this Saturday!!