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Plantar fibroma what is it?

A common condition that we see in our offices are plantar fibromas. If you have a lump on the bottom of the foot typically in the mid portion of the foot it is more than likely a benign growth called a plantar fibroma. Plantar fibromas are a benign nodule that grows on the bottom of the foot along the plantar fasica ligament. Symptoms consist of a painful mass on the bottom of the foot between the heel pad and the forefoot. The cause is unknown but thought to be a genetic component. We are able to visualize the fibroma with Diagnostic Ultrasound in the office. Typically plantar fibromas are asymptomatic and the location is usually in a non-weightbearing part of the foot.

Conservative treatment consist of offloading pads, custom orthotics, cortisone injections to help shrink the size of the fibroma, and topical compounding transdermal Verapamil. The topical medication has shown in certain studies to shrink the size of fibromas without the need of a cortisone injection.

Surgery is the last option and involves removal of a portion of the plantar fascia. The recurrence rate is high so sometimes the entire plantar fascia has to be removed for chronic cases.

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