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Tenex procedure for chronic plantar fasciitis

The Tenex procedure is a new state of the art minimally invasive surgical procedure for chronic tendon and ligament pain. Dr. Brown and Saffer are now looking into this procedure as a potential treatment option for chronic plantar fasciitis. A good majority of our patients population that have heel pain will have complete resolution with conservative treatment. A small percentage of patient's may need surgical treatment to jump start the healing process. The procedure involves identificaiton via Ultrasound the source of the ligament pain and the the area is numbed with a local anesthetic, allowing you to stay awake the entire time. An ultrasonic energy designed to safely breakdown and remove the damaged tissue is used. The ultrasonic energy is applied with the TX MicroTip, which requires only a microincision to reach the damaged tissue. Because the incision is so small and the ultrasonic energy precisely treats only the damaged tendon tissue, the surrounding healthy tissue is left unharmed.


The procedure does not require stitches only a small adhesive bandage (like a Band-Aid); Because you are awake during the procedure (no general anesthesia), many people are able to drive home immediately following your procedure.


Recovery is rapid with many people being back to normal life within 6 weeks or less. Because the surrounding healthy tissue is not disturbed, and no stitches or general anesthesia is required, there is minimal downtime and less discomfort compared to open surgery.

Below is a video about "The Incredible HulK' and body building champion Lou Ferrigno who suffered from chronic plantar fascitiis.