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Lisfrancs ligament tear NBA Basketball

Udonis Haslem an professional basketball player for the Miami Heat suffered an injury in November to the Lisfrancs ligament in his foot. It is likely that Haslem had a complete tear of this ligament because he just recently underwent surgery for this injury.
This type of injury is rare, but when it occurs it can be a devastating injury if not treated properly. When the Lisfrancs ligament is disrupted the first and second metatarsals (midfoot bones) can seperate and cause instabilty.
Although the exact mechanism of injury is unknown the consensus is that these injuries are caused by either direct or indirect trauma. The original description of these injuries was associated with equestrian falls when the forefoot was caught in the stirrup in a fixed position. These injuries can be work related such as slips and falls, athletic activities, and motor vehicle accidents.
Treatment for this condition can be cast immobilization for 6-8 weeks if this injury involves a sprain or partial tear of the ligament. If seperation and displacement of metatarsal bones is found on x-ray or MRI scan than surgery is recommended. This involves aligning the bones correctly and fixation with screws to hold the bones together. Postoperatively patients are nonweightbearing for 6-8 weeks in a cast or boot. Then the patient can weight bear in a boot for a few weeks. It may take 3-4 months until the patient can be allowed to jog and exercise.
It is likely that Udonis Haslem will miss the rest of the season because of this injury. I will follow up on a future blog with his progress. Please refer to the link below about Haslem's injury.