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Stress fractures in professional athletes

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Have you ever experienced pain and swelling on the top of the foot? If you have you may have a condition called a stress fracture.
Stress fractures are small, hairline breaks that can occur in the bones of the foot. They can be caused without trauma to the foot. Typically stress fractures can be caused by overtraining, improper training habits, improper shoe gear, flatfoot or other foot deformities, and even osteoporosis. It is imperative that this injury is recognized and treated as soon as possible by a foot and ankle specialists.

Pain, swelling, and possibly bruising can be signs of a stress fracture. The fracture can occur almost anywhere in the foot. The metatarsal bones are one of the most common locations of stress fractures of the foot. X-rays and other studies are used to diagnose stress fractures. Stress fractures may not be visible for 10 to 14 days on x-ray examination. Possible treatments include rest and possible immobilization of the foot ( with a cam walker walking boot/or below knee cast). In some cases, surgery may be required to stabilize the stress fracture or to repair a stress fracture that has progressed to a fracture.