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Here is an interesting article on the first string quarterback for FSU and his interest in becoming a Podiatrist after College and NFL.

The Tampa bay Buccaneers kicker contracted MRSA, a serious staph infection that can be resistant to drug treatments. This infection stemmed from an ingrown toenail and the infection which might have spread through the Buccaneers' facility. Tampa Bay guard Carl Nicks has also been sidelined with a MRSA infection. A third more recent case of MRSA infection has been reported infecting another Tampa Bay Bucs player. Tynes has been treated by an infectious disesase specialist and was placed on IV antibiotics via a pic line.

Ingrown toenails are one of the more common foot ailments that we treat at our offices. It is paramount to recognize that you have an ingrown toenail and have it treated as soon as possible. If you have pain, redness, swelling, drainage, and increased heat to one or both corners of your toenail it is key to have it evaluated as soon as possible to prevent infection. Cases have been reported of bone infection for untreated and unrecognized ingrown toenails.

Typical initial treatment is anesthetizing the digit with a local anesthestic in the office and removal of the ingrown nail. In certain cases we place patients on a course of oral antibiotics along with soaking in epsom salts and antibiotic cream/band aids. Rare cases involved IV antibiotics such as in the below link about the Tampa bay kicker.

For more information on ingrown toenails please refer to our website at and past blogs on ingrown toenail treatments.

Professional basketball player Marcus Camby recently tore his plantar fascia. Here is the article on his recent injury.

More to come on how to treat plantar fascial tears.

Plantar fasciitis is a common ailment among professional basketball players. Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls has been suffering a severe case of plantar fasciitis over the past several years. This preseason he will be resting his feet to help heal his chronic heel pain. Pro Basketball players undergo extreme stress on the feet during the course of the season.

Over the next several weeks I will review some of the more state of the art conservative and minimally invasive surgical options for chronic heel pain as well as discuss a new terminalogy called "Plantar Fasciosis" which refers to a chronic inflammation of the plantar fascia.

Below is the link for the article on NBA basketball player Joakim Noah.