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One of the more common form of anxiety of our patients is coming in for ingrown toenail treatment. Our patients may have in the past had a bad experience with having the ingrown removed as a child and this develops into an extreme anxiety. We at Carolina Foot Specialists want to let you know that we see a tremendous amount of children and adults with this diagnosis and understand first hand how to make your experience as pleasant as possible. Dr. Brown and Dr. Saffer both have had ingrown toenails as children and fortunately had positive expriences with treatment. We believe not only having this condition as children and now being trained as foot surgeons gives us an advantage of making your experience pleasant and hopefully painless. We utilize techniques that will reduce anxiety and give long lasting results. We are able to give options such as a partial nail avulsion and permanent nail avulsion the same day as your evaluation. We have simple instructions for after care and now have our patients use a wound healing gel called amerigel which gives the option of not having to do daily soaks in epsom salts. We will be able to fit you into our office schedule the same week because we know first hand how painful this condition is. You can refer to our patient testimonials to learn about experiences of our patients with ingrown toenail surgery.

A common foot condition know as sinus tarsitis can cause acute and eventually chronic foot pain if not diagnosed and treated promptly. The sinus tarsi is an opening in the outside (Lateral) part of the foot between the ankle and heel bone. Injury to this area can be due to an inversion sprain or severe overpronation. Personally I have suffered from this condition for the past two months. I have a flexible flatfoot deformity which I was born with but have been able to participate in sports and running with the help of custom foot orthotics and an anti-pronation running shoe.

Typically patients presents with pain localized in the sinus tarsi area with swelling. X-rays, ultrasound, and MRI can help to diagnose this condition along with clinical findings. Personally I have been training for a 1/2 Marathon  and have been running more frequently and longer distances over the past few months. My acute pain started suddenly in the sinus tarsi region. X-rays were negative. I iced, cross trained, tooks NSAIDS, and immobilized my foot in a walking boot for two weeks. My pain improved slowly so I had a MRI ordered which showed inflammation with swelling in the sinus tarsi region.

It is very important to recognize foot and ankle pain that doesn't go away after 5-7 days. Conservative treatment is very helpful if this condition is diagnosed early and promptly. At Carolina Foot Specialists we have in house diagnostic digital x-rays and ultrasound along with having experience in athletics. This combination allows our practice to understand what are patients go through with these type of injuries since we have experience most of them first hand. We follow the philosophy of not just stopping all activity if you have foot pain we like to advocate alternate exercise routines while you are healing from your specific foot injury.