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The greater Charleston area is very fortunate to have many options in choosing their foot care specialists. Many well trained foot and ankle specialists serve the area. We would like to give a little background regarding how Dr. Brown and Dr. Saffer experienced foot pain as children and used those experiences in daily practice.

Dr. Brown and Dr. Saffer have similar backgrounds both growing up locally in Charleston and going to school together all the way through at the College of Charleston. Both of our physicians played high school basketball together and had various foot and ankle injuries which were treated by foot specialists.

Dr. Brown played competitive baseball at the College of Charleston and had ingrown toenails treated by local Podiatrist when he was in middle school and high school.  Dr. Brown also suffered various foot sprains and strains over the years which resolved with conservative treatment. These experience has helped Dr. Brown relate more to what his patients go through when they have these painful foot condtions.

Dr. Saffer was born with flatfeet and was treated for this condition by foot specialists since he was a toddler. Luckily Dr. Saffer was introduced to a family friend who was a local Foot Specialist when he was 10 year old. Custom foot orthotics were made and this allowed Dr. Saffer to play sports without discomfort. In addition Dr. Saffer during his residency was having increased pain in his feet after standing 10-12 hours a day during surgery rotations. Dr. Saffer was evaluated by the most prominent Foot Surgeon in the country the late Dr. Yu. Flatfoot surgery was an option by Dr. Yu recommended a few modifications to his orthotics which eventually resolved his foot pain and changed Dr. Saffer's thinking with regards to Flatfoot reconstruction. If Dr. Saffer who has suffered from flatfeet his entire life can function without pain with Custom Sports foot Orthotics then flatfoot reconstruction should be the last option available.

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