Cooper River Bridge Run foot injury prevention

Happy New Year! We are all looking forward to many exciting road races this year. Dr. Brown and Dr. Saffer would like to blog over the next few months on how to prevent foot injuries while training for road races such as the Cooper River Bridge Run. Over the next few months we will blog about foot injury prevention, shoe gear, training suggestions, etc....

Dr. Brown ran the bridge run for the first time barefoot as well as the most recent Turkey day run. Dr. Brown suffered from a chronic foot injury but since adopting barefoot running his foot pain has resolved. Dr. Brown and Dr. Saffer will discuss the pros and cons of running barefoot as well as discuss what type of runner is best suited for this style of running. We will also talk in more detail about Chi Running Style as well as performing at your best for future road races in 2014. Dr. Saffer has considerable flatfeet but since adopting the Chi Running Style he has been able to run longer distances pain free.

We believe at Carolina Foot Specialists that our Foot Specialists not only have the training but also have the real life experience with competive running which we believe gives us a distinct advantage in taking care of your foot and ankle needs.

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Good luck with all of your runs in 2014!