Tips for preparing for the Bridge Run

Here are some tips on getting ready for the upcoming Cooper River Bridge Run 2013.

  • Stretching is key for runners, who are naturally prone to developing tight hamstrings and Achilles tendons.  Performing sustained stretching before, and after the bridge run will keep the lower extremity muscles and tendons flexible and prevents injury.
  • If you have a current injury don't  push it to much. Seeking proper evaluation and treatment is essential for healing an injured foot. Even though you’ve finished your run without increasing your time, you can cause major long term damage to the ligaments, tendons or bones in the foot continuing to run with an injury.
  • Proper running shoes and custom orthotics 
  • Wearing the correct running shoe for your foot type is key to keeping your foot healthy.  However, sometimes a good shoe is not enough for patients that do not have a normal foot type.  Flat feet, high arches, and tendinitis can all cause different types of pain in the feet and ankles.  In those cases custom orthotic are made to provide additional stability and arch support for those that need it.
  • Remember that concrete and asphalt are less desirable surfaces to run on compared to dirt or traditional tracks.  Concrete and asphalt do not have the shock absorption that dirt trails and tracks have.  If you are running on harder surfaces, expect increased stress on the lower extremities and be aware of how your body is responding to it.  Try to get in a few long runs of the Bridge this week so that your body is used to the steep inclines of the bridge.
  • Choose a moisture wicking sock made of acrylic to help prevent blisters during the run. Specialty running stores have these specialized types of running socks. They may cost a little more than a cotton style sock but it is well worth it.

These are a few suggestions to help prepare you for the upcoming Cooper River Bridge Run 2013. If you are preparing for the race and have a current nagging foot injury, don't hesitate to see us at Carolina Foot Specialists so that we can help you with all of your foot and ankle concerns. 

Good luck this Saturday on your run!