Women's Sandal Recommendations for summer

Summer is right around the corner and Carolina Foot Specialists would like to give recommendations for excellent sports/casual women's sandals. It is important to remember that when you are in one of the local shoe stores trying on the shoe, check each shoe to make sure that the sole is thick and rigid with as little bend as possible across the ball of the foot and there should be no motion across the arch area.

  1. Keen Venice H2: Keen's Venice H2 is a great sandal for many reasons. It has a thick, rigid protective sole with excellent added toe protection as well as excellent forefoot, midfoot and rearfoot control. It's a great sandal to wear at the beach and even into the water.
  1. Ecco Yukaton: This is a popular shoe with many of our patients due to it's comfort, decent price and the fact that it's light weight, good looking and versatile. It has a thick and relatively rigid sole with adjustable forefoot, midfoot and rearfoot control
  1. Abeo Hungtington Neurtral: This is a very similar sandal to the Ecco Yucaton in it's build, weight and recommendations. This sandal is approved by the American Medical Podiatric Association and provides good biomechanical control of the foot and ankle.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        4)    Easy Spirit Women’s heel Riser: If you like the Fit-Flop - this is much better. It has an   awesome sole that is thick, rigid and light.
  2. Chaco Z/2 Vibram Unasweep: This is a great sandal with fabulous arch support and a thick rigid protective sole.If you have painful bunions or Tailor's bunions - be careful that the straps do not cut across them which can cause more irritation and discomfort.
  3. Bite Orthosport: This sandal has a removable foot bed that will accommodate orthotics. Great arch support!
  1. Keen’s Newport H2: Another great Keen Sandal! This sandal offers even more biomechanical control and protection of the foot and ankle than the Venice H2. It has a thick, rigid, and protective sole as well as an excellent forefoot guard for the toes and wonderful forefoot, midfoot and rearfoot
  2. Sketcher Shape-Up X: It's frustrating when I hear the bad press on Sketcher Shape-Ups! Although there are some patients who I would never put in a rocker-bottom soled shoe, the majority patients wearing this shoe will greatly benefit from it. Patients who should not wear a rocker-bottom shoe are: anyone with balance issues, anyone with Achilles Tendonitis, the elderly, anyone with nerve damage that causes muscle or leg weakness.
  1. Taos Rockstep II: This is another great rocker-bottom soled sandal. I like the extra arch support that is built into the sandal and I also like the aesthetics.
  1. MBT Katika: The MBT's are a bit  but look at it as an investment as it may save them not just pain but also money in doctor's bills for painful feet, knees, hip and lower back. Good shoes are crucial to keeping joints healthy! So, as we get older, we can keep out joints healthy and protected so that we can stay active and do all the activities we love to do!