CFAS Pediatric Foot Center

Welcome to CFS Pediatric Foot Pain Center page! We have designed this page to help parents and their children become more informed about various pediatric foot pain, causes, and solutions. We would like to lessen any anxiety that your children have with regards to any specific foot condition that they may suffer from. Both Dr. Brown and Dr. Saffer have son's and daughter's respectively and know the importance of making office visits enjoyable and informational for kids and their parents. Dr. Browns three son's are competitive high school and middle school baseball players and Dr. Saffer's daughter's are involved with Gymnastics and ballet. This gives them a better perspective with respects to athletic injuries and various ailments that adolescent can experience.

There are many differences between adult foot pain and pediatric foot pain and they are not always diagnosed and treated the same way. We would like to provide the most common pediatric foot conditions that we see in our practice and teach you how to know when to seek treatment by our professionals.

1) Calcaneal Apophysitis (Sever's Disease)

2) Children's Feet Overuse

3) Ingrown Toenails

4) Plantar Warts - Blog on Canthacur treatment for plantar warts.

5) Flat Feet

6) Orthotics