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Achilles tendon tear Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant NBA basketball player for the LA Lakers ruptured his achilles tendon this past April during a regular season game. Bryant's ruptured Achilles tendon and has already undergone successful surgical repair; however, his recovery and rehabilitation could take up to 6-8 months before stepping back on a basketball court.

The feeling that most people have when they rupture the achilles tendon is a "pop" on the back of the heel and the inability to feel stable while walking. This injury is typically found in the weekend warrior who doesn't stretch or warm up properly before exercising. One can feel a palpable gap at the level of the insertion of the achilles tendon. MRI would be the best diagnostic test to visualize the degree of tearing of the achilles tendon. With complete rupture of the Achilles tendon, surgical repair should be performed as soon as possible to prevent any further separation of the tendon.  If caught early, the tendon can usually be sutured back together and reinforced with a graft to enhance strength and durability at the site of the injury.  However, activity is severely limited with use of a cast or immobilizing boot until the tendon heals around 6-8 weeks post operatively.  Intensive physical therapy is a key factor to assist in strengthening the achilles and returning back to top form.

Kobe's is scheduled to return back to playing around December of 2013. This will all depend on how is rehab goes over the next few months.

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Please look out for future blogs on Kobe Bryant's progress with his achilles tendon tear.

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