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Charleston Marathon/Carolina Foot Specialists

Are you training for the upcoming Charleston Marathon or 1/2 Marathon? If so and you are having any foot pain that is hindering your training please gives us a call. Dr. Saffer and Dr. Brown both are runners and know what it feels like to have foot pain. Dr. Saffer and Dr. Brown work with runners to correctly diagnose the specific foot complaint and work to heal the foot while still keeping active.

Do you have heel pain? If so it may not always be "Plantar Fasciitis". The wrong diagnosis can delay your recovery. Heel pain can present in different ways such as a stress fracture, nerve injury, bone tumor, plantar fasciitis, growth plate injury in children, and plantar fasciosis (chronic plantar fascia injury). Dr. Saffer and Dr. Brown have state of the art diagnostic ultrasound and digital x-ray in each office. Both foot specialists are trained Sports Podiatrist and foot surgeons who have a passion for athletics. Dr. Saffer and Dr. Brown exhaust all conservative treatment for heel pain and very rarely have to perform surgery for heel pain. Two minimally invasive surgeries for chronic plantar fasciitis are Topaz and the Instep plantar fasciotomy. Each procedure has minimal down time.

Please refer to our website home page for more information on various forms of heel pain at carolinafootspecialists.net