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Do you have a Neuroma or Capsulitis?

A common foot ailment that we see in our practice is ball of the foot pain. Neuromas, reduction of fat pad, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, Sesamoiditis, and Capsulitis are the more common reasons for ball of the foot pain. We would like to educate you on a very common but not much talked about foot condition which is Capsulitis. Capsulitis is an inflammation of the joint capsule than connects the metatarsal bone to the toe bone. This thick fibrous tissue is a very important structure and when not treated early and correctly can develop into a tear of the capsule and progressive hammer toe deformity. We see many patients that come to our offices that presents with pain below the 2nd MPJ joint which is the more common area to develop capsulitis. Please take a look at one of the leaders of our profession Dr. Weil who discusses in the article below what Capsulitis is and treatments avaiable. I have included a link to our Neuroma video as well as the state of the art surgical treatment of plantar plate tears that Dr. Weil developed.

Again the key is accurate diagnosis and this condition is often time treated as a neuroma. Conservative tx for capsulitis typically resolves the condition.

If surgery is needed Dr. Brown and Dr. Saffer have been trained in this latest surgical technique for plantar plate tears. We have also provided a surgical video from Arthrex website that discusses the surgical treatment of plantar plate tears.