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Ingrown toenails children

Ingrown toenails occur when the toenail starts to curve into the skin along the side of the nail.  There a number of reasons that ingrown toenails can develop.  Just like you inherit genes for eyes and hair color you can also inherit that way your toenails grow. The way your toenail is shaped can cause you to be more prone to developing ingrown nails.  Playing sports and wearing a tighter toe box shoe can also cause ingrown nails from the constant pressing of the skin into the nail.  If you notice your child complaining of pain around their toenail, look for signs of an ingrown nail such as sweilling and  redness around the skin surrounding the nail.  Initially home treatment such as soaking in Epsom salts and applying antibiotic ointment can help to soften the skin surrounding the nail.  Using a band-aide can help to protect and alleviate pressure in shoes which could increase the severity of pain.  If the puffiness or redness in the skin persists, then you should call and make an appointment. Attempting to remove the ingrown nail at home bathroom surgery) is risky and could potentially cause an infection. 

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