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November/Diabetes Awareness Month

November is Diabetes Awareness month.
Please join us Wednesday at East Cooper Medical Center First Floor Classroom, November 10, from 11 a.m-1 p.m., Dr. Andrew Saffer (Carolina Foot Specialists) will provide a FREE foot screening for people with diabetes & those with hammertoes, bunions or other foot issues. November is Foot Health Issues Related to Diabetes Awareness Month-get your feet checked for free!
We like to stress the importance of prevention in our practice especially in our Diabetic population. Unfortunately, many people with diabetes are unaware of the importance of routine foot care. Physicians and educators are constantly reminding the public of the importance of measuring insulin levels and making sure to follow a diet and exercise plan. What about checking your feet for ulcers, callous and sores? This is a critically important preventive measure as it can potentially save your limb.
Diabetes foot issues like ulcers are important to monitor
Recent statistics show that more than half of the 20 million Americans with diabetes have no idea what a foot ulcer is, yet more than three million (15%) of them will develop a foot ulcer, and 25% of those will require a lower limb amputation as result of their ulcer not healing and becoming infected.
For more information about Diabetes and other foot disorders please visit our website at carolinafootspecialists.net