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Recovery from bunion surgery

Bunion surgery is one of the most common surgeries that Dr. Brown and Dr. Saffer perform in our practice. If conservative treatment does not resolve the pain then surgery is an option. The typical recovery time for bunion surgery is anywhere from 6 -8 weeks. The surgery usually is in an outpatient surgery center and involves local and IV sedation. The surgery take about an hour to perform. We typically utilize scew fixation for our bunions. This allows our patients to weight bear in a protective boot right after surgery. We have our patients wear the walking boot for about 6-8 weeks with a transfer into a sneaker about week seven. Active range of motion exercises are to be started the week after surgery. Pain medication is typically used for the first one to two days after surgery. Exercise routines after the six to seven week period of time are tailored around the specific activity our patients our involved with.

For more information on bunions and bunion surgery please refer to our website at carolinafootspecialists.net.