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Treating Warts Kids with....Beetle juice!

It is common for your children to have anxiety about having plantar warts on their feet and we would like to lessen your child anxiety as well as your own. Plantar warts are a common virus that children and adults can acquire over time. We typically see plantar warts in children from going barefoot in the grass or around public pools. Adults can acquire plantar warts from showering in public health clubs or going barefoot in hotels while traveling. Typically the wart virus will appear as callus tissue that has red or brown dots in the center. It is usually raised and can be painful.

Our foot specialists have been using Cantharone for many years. Cantharone or Cantharidin comes from the green blister beetle. It has been used in China for more than 2000 years. I have personally been using Cantharone since 2002 and have had excellent results with treating warts in adults and children. The advantages are that it is a painless treatment with minimal down time. The typical treatment would be one to three applications. The procedure is straightforward. You would come to the office our specialists will typically lightly trim the hard callus tissue to make sure it is a wart. An applicator is used and a small amount of Canthrone is applied followed by antibiotic cream and band aid. No needles, no cutting, and most important painless!!! The way the Catharone works is the body reacts by forming a blister on top of the wart, the blister then sepeates the wart from the skin, and by the next office visit healthy skin grows in the place of the wart tissue. It tyically will take one to three treatments.  It is a simple treatment with a high success rate. Children are especially happy and are amazed that the treatment does not hurt and is quick.

I tell my patients to expect some tenderness for a few days while the blister forms. I usually would have my patients not do too much physical activity for one to two days. I really like this treatment for active children that play sports because the downtime is minimal.

I am familiar and utilize other treatment options if necessary for stubborn warts but rarely have to use them especially in children.

For more information please refer to our education videos on our home page: http://www.carolinafootspecialists.net/educational-videos.html