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Uphill running Bridge Run

We have about one week left until the Cooper River Bridge Run! We would like to talk about some tips in relation to prepare for the uphill portion of the bridge run. Some of these tips hopefully will make it easier for you when you run uphill as your approach the bridge on race day. Try to slightly lean forward into the slope. Run shorter strides which will make your running more efficient. Keep your eyes and head focused ahead. Make sure you don't lean at the waist which may strain your lower back. Try to stand tall when you run up the hill which will engage your glutes to make your run more powerful and efficient.

It may be a good idea this week to practice running on an incline either on a treadmill or going on the Bridge which will help you to get used to running on such a big incline.

Good luck with your training and look out for blogs this week on foot injury prevention for the Bridge Run.