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Neuroma Treatment

Neuromas are a common diagnoses that we see in our practice. A neuroma is an inflammation of a nerve or nerves on the ball of the foot. Neuromas are typically found most commonly in women that wear high heel shoes and individuals who are active on their feet. Neuromas can causes sharp pain on the ball of the foot and burning and tingling that radiates into the toes. Neuromas are most commonly found in between the third and fourth toes and the 2nd and 3rd toes. Pain is usually relieved with taking your shoe off and rubbing your foot.

We employ many conservative treatments for neuromas. Conservative treatment consist of custom orthotic and pads to take pressure off the nerve, cortisone injections, antiinflammatory mediation, alcohol sclerosing agent, consultation of appropriate shoe gear/training modification and as a last resort surgical excision of the neuroma.

If you feel like you have any of the symptoms of a neuroma please contact our office.

For more information on Neuromas you can refer to our website at www.carolinafootspecialists.net