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State of the Art Evaluation and Treatment for Heel Pain

Dr. Brown and Dr. Saffer are looking forward about being trained in the latest state of the art diagnosis and treatment of heel pain. They both will be attending a two day regional meeting and will be learning from an innovative national Foot and Ankle surgeon on the latest diagnostic evaluation of chronic heel pain as well as minimally invasives surgically techniques to cure chronic heel pain.

Heel pain is not always plantar fasciits which is very important to understand. A good majority of the time it may be an inflammed ligament but it could be other causes such as a stress fracture, growth plate injury in children, nerve injury, or bone tumor.

Dr. Brown and Dr. Saffer will blog in the next two months to educate our community on various causes of heel pain, conservative treatment options, and newer minimally invasive techniques to help cure chronic cases. They will both discuss the upcoming training and newer state of the art evaluations and treatments for the various forms of heel pain.

Carolina Foot Specialists is passionate about healing foot and ankle pain especially our patient population that suffers from heel pain.