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What is Capsulitis of the foot?

Do you ever experience pain on the ball of your foot below your second toe? Often times this complaint can be misdiagnosed as a neuroma. This can lead to the wrong conservative treatment and chronic pain. As we all age we tend to loose subcutaneous tissue (fat tissue) on the balls of our feet and heels. This lack of cushioning can lead to various forms of ball of the foot pain. Most commonly being neuromas and capsulitis. Capsulitis is due to overload of the soft tissue typically below the second toe joint on the ball of the foot. This could be caused from shoes that are worn down, increased activity such as training for a marathon, or high impact exercise. If recognized and treated promptly this condition can resolve and go away. If not treated and if the tissues continue to be overloaded this could lead to a tear and eventually surgery. Neuromas occur on the ball of the foot as well but present with pain in between the third and fourth toes with radiating and burning pain from the ball of the foot in to the third and fourth digits. 

Conservative treatment for capsulitis involves rest, ice, offloading padding, oral NSAIDS, custom orthotics, and sometimes a cortisone injection. in a typical days practice our foot and ankle specialists see usually at least 5 patients a day with this condition. We have had nice success over the years properly diagnosing and treating this foot condition. 

If you have experienced any type of ball of the foot pain and it has lasted more than two weeks please contact our practice so we can relieve your pain.