Bio-Integrative OSSIOfiber® is a breakthrough fixation material technology that provides the first credible solution to the shortcomings of permanent metal hardware, conventional resorbable and allograft implants. It’s stronger than cortical bone, stronger and more predictable than polymers alone, and without the foreign body reactions, stress-shielding, and potential patient discomfort or removal risks commonly associated with permanent metal hardware.
Strong and Bio-Integrative OSSIOfiber® implants provide a unique matrix of fibers made from minerals like those already found in bones to support strong fixation and enable early bone attachment, gradual bone and tissue ingrowth, and complete integration, all without local or systemic adverse response.
OSSIOfiber ® offers surgeons and patients the confidence and certainty of a fully Bio-Integrative solution that utilizes existing reimbursement and surgical techniques and provides a more natural healing environment.